Why choose MultiOne

Why choose MultiOne

1. Increased productivity

Speed up your workflow, get more done and finish jobs faster by adding a MultiOne Compact Loader to your team. The multifunction machine that mechanises your work and never gets tired!

2. Labour & costs reduction

In many industries the MultiOne covers the work of many people. It lifts many times more weight, shifts huge volumes of material and does the back breaking groundwork that many hands would normally have to do. Adding attachments makes labour intensive tasks easy.

3. Increased profits

The increase in productivity, coupled with reduction in labour costs makes for enhancements to your profit margins. The capital cost invested in a MultiOne Mini Loader is soon recovered and translates into an increase in net profitability.

4. Quality assured with a 3-year warranty

With over 23 years of development, MultiOne is European built using cutting edge robotised techniques. The highest quality branded components are selected and quality is assured with a 3 years manufacturer warranty cover.

5. Low cost transportation

Another great cost saving! All MultiOne Loader models are low enough in weight to be transported by 3.5T Plant Trailer behind a suitable 4×4 or large van. No HGV licenses or running costs required. So you can transport your own multifunction machine with you, to every job site at very low cost.

6. Versatile and adaptable

MultiOne adapts to every aspect of your work by adding from a huge selection of versatile attachments. It’s the ultimate multifunction machine, with front cab design to give superior visibility and control. Choose from a wide array including Buckets & Pallet Forks, Lifting Devices, Mowers, Grabs, Cutters, Grinders, Harrows, Tillers and much, much more.

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