MultiOne New SD Series

Introducing the All New Rear Seated Articulated Mini Loader

Here at MultiOne, we are well known for our high quality mini articulated loaders with a driver’s front seat. Now, we’ve introduced the brand new SD Series, offering users the incredible performance of a MultiOne New Series but with the added flexibility of a rear seated driver position.

Welcome the all new MultiOne SD Series, now with a Rear Seated Articulated Mini Loader.

The SD Series is the perfect mix between the strength of the New MultiOne platform and the versatility of a Rear Seated Articulated Mini Loader.
The tremendous lifting performances, the high power and top class manoeuvrability are now available on the new 6 models designed to be flexible and able to move in confined spaces.

The wide range of compatible MultiOne attachments makes of this machine the perfect tool for who need to solve many tasks with ease. This New MultiOne series is born to be used on farming but will be appreciated in every works where extremely tight turning radius is needed.

Take a look to the tech data of this new model here:  SD Series The MultiOne rear seated

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