4 Amazing MultiOne Forestry Attachments

You’ve decided that a life in Forestry is for you but it’s more than growing and caring for trees, it involves managing forests, looking after woodland areas whilst producing and supplying timber.

As technology has advanced, machines used in the forestry industry have evolved over the years, and the birth of Mini Articulated Loaders has revolutionised woodland operations. Just one machine with a range of forestry attachments depending on the job in hand.

The MultiOne range of Compact Mini Loaders are designed and manufactured by CSF MultiOne, the pioneers of Multifunction Mini Loaders. With advanced hydraulics, a telescopic boom and innovative design, the MultiOne range outperforms the competition in all areas.

With over 170 attachments available, the MultiOne offers forestry professionals a range of versatile options easily changed in seconds. Forestry Attachments range from Logging, Tree Shearing, Shredding, Digging, Hoisting, Lifting and Trenching.


“It was apparent from the outset that the power and performance of the MultiOne Mini loader outclassed any other.  The lift capacity is outstanding and the fact that it could be easily towed on a trailer behind a 4×4 is incredible.”

Mark Collingewww.srl.co.uk

Why Choose a MultiOne

MultiOne offer 7 mini loader models, from the entry level series 1, to the rear seated SD model. These lovable work horses offer the power, performance and versatility so desperately required from the professional of today. Enhancing productivity and saving time and money, the MultiOne Mini Loader goes far beyond any other compact mini loader available in the industry today.

Meet the MultiOne

Drop by and demo the MultiOne at the APF 2016 event this week. We will be showcasing the following MultiOne Models:

Plus a whole range of MultiOne attachments suitable for Forestry and Arb professional, including the Stump Grinder, Auger, Hedge Cutter and Flail Mower.

Get in Touch

Otherwise please contact your nearest MultiOne dealer today, or contact the MultiOne team directly at head office by email or call 0870 225 5554.

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