MultiOne – High Quality Loaders

The Most Powerful and Innovative High Quality Loaders Available.

What are High Quality Loaders?

The MultiOne Range of High Quality Loaders offers Innovation, Performance and Quality. Each MultiOne machine is complimented by 170 different attachments . The MultiOne range of High Quality Loaders is Small and Versatile with High Manoeuvrability featuring a Telescopic Boom.

The range of MultiOne Mini Loader spans 9 machines with 25 individual models. Ideal for Professionals in Tree Care and Forestry, Landscaping and Ground-care, Equestrian and Stables, Construction and Estates Management.

Did You Know?

uno_multioneMultiOne is the FIRST mini loader where the back weight is Integrated?

uno_multioneMultiOne is the ONLY mini loader that has an 11 function joystick?

uno_multioneMultiOne hydraulic components are specifically designed to handle the hi-flow of oil to the attachments with very low back pressure?

MultiOne in Action

Need More Information?

We’d previously used both standard and compact tractors in our business but were ready to purchase a more powerful machine with a larger lift capacity. After many months of research into multifunctional loaders I found the MultiOne.
From the first phone call the people at MultiOne went the extra mile to make sure that our experience was a good one.  We decided to purchase the mid-level MultiOne 7.3 plus and the ability to transport a 1.5tonne lift loader has been a huge benefit to us.
BladeWorx Purchases MultiOne

“It was apparent from the outset that the power and performance of the MultiOne Mini loader outclassed any other.  The lift capacity is outstanding and the fact that it could be easily towed on a trailer behind a 4×4 is incredible.”

SRL Traffic Systems