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Wesag LLP

Managing Director - Devon

"The MultiOne is manoeuvrable, versatile and reliable."

About the customer

The MultiOne SL840 allows Wesag LLP to work quickly and efficiently pretty much anywhere around the farm. Adrian says the MultiOne is easy to drive and can stack up to 5 Heston bales whilst operating in tight spaces. With its size and height, the MultiOne provides Wesag with speed, manoeuvrability, versatility and reliability.

Mini loader

About the customer

Using the loader

In the woodland it brings logs back to the yard and lifts very heavy trees to chainsaw height for easy cutting. The MultiOne is used as our main grass mowing machine and it also cuts all the privet hedges with our recently purchased sickle-cutter . The change over of tools is so quick we can go from one job to another with such rapidity that we do not consider multitasking a burden anymore.

Working together

Wessag purchased one of the very first MultiOne Loaders imported by Ranger Equipment Ltd back in the Summer of 2015. This was the SL840 model, which was replaced with the highly popular 8.4S later that year.
Nearly 8 years later it's still going strong, with tech support given to Adrian who arranges servicing by an Agricultural Engineer based very locally to him.
A second MultiOne (7.3+) was purchased by another member of the family in 2017 and this is used for Arboricultural work.

Steve Hadfield (MD) will always remember the demo, being one of his very first with a MultiOne and culminated in a sale being agreed over bacon butties at breakfast the following day.

Key people

For more information on our range of Mini Loaders, please call us on 0800 233 5490 or email