CustomersSimon Brice – Farmer

Simon Brice – Farmer

Proprietor - Suffolk

"A really compact and manoeuvrable Loader with a surprising lifting capability"

About the customer

Simon runs a small family farm in Suffolk and was looking for a cost effective Loader that could handle full sized hesston bales and also muck out and place bedding in his 14' x 14' calf pens. Finding the ideal machine was proving a big challenge for Simon until he came across the MultiOne 2.3EFi.

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About the customer

Using the loader

With narrow passageways and tight turns into calf pens, plus the pens only being 14' x 14' in size, a very compact Loader was needed. However, Simon also needed this to be an all-rounder that could handle the full size Hesston Hay Bales and this was proving a big challenge.
Enter the MultiOne 2.3EFi, which ticked all the boxes and is very easy to drive and handle too. It's low emissions Stage 5 compliant petrol engine is also a bonus, as although very well ventilated, the calf pens are partially enclosed.

Working together

"I spent a lot of time looking for the ideal machine, most were either too big or didn't have enough lift capacity. When I found the MultiOne 2.3 it looked like I had identified the ideal little loader" says Simon.
"I got on the phone to Compact Loaders UK and Daniel was really helpful, he didn't mind answering all my questions and putting me quotes together. Over a couple of weeks and many calls we agreed a deal and they brought it down for a test before I signed on the dotted line so to speak".

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