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Crafted Landscapes Ltd

Managing Director - Lancaster

"The 7.2K has changed the game of moving materials around site and taken away the heavy manual handling!"

About the customer

Elliott Smith founded Crafted Landscapes Ltd following 16 years of experience in the industry, located in Lancaster and covering the North West of England.

"My passion and speciality is carrying out large scale hard landscaping projects across the North West of England. My experience also includes various commercial landscape projects such as Winckley Square, Preston and the Clifton Arms Hotel, Lytham St Annes, as well as rooftop gardens in Manchester and even an 18 hole adventure golf course! In addition to this, I have carried out work at various garden shows including Tatton Park (awarded Large Gold), Southport Flower Show (awarded Gold), Holker Hall (awarded Gold) and Harrogate Flower Show (awarded gold)." say's Elliott.

Mini loader

About the customer

Using the loader

Chosen for it's combination of High Lifting Capacity vs Compact Size and at a very affordable price, Elliott's 7.2K is transportable on his 3.5T Plant Trailer behind a 4x4 Pick-Up Truck. Elliott wanted the Loader to unload and carry pallets of blocks, paving slabs, compost or turf of upto 1,200kgs and transport them into rear gardens that can have quite tight access.

"On some job sites we could loose many hours and even days to transport materials from the roads side to the rear of a property. This has now changed, with the MultiOne handling big pallet loads in one go and with ease - it's literally a game changer" says Elliott.

The 7.2K is also assisting with reducing manual handling and minimising the risk of injury during build work. Overall, with time saved and safety enhancements, this little Loader makes a big difference.


Working together

Elliott had been looking into the Multione for a long time before he enquired. He called to discuss the differences in models and discover what would be best for him.

After a long discussion with Jordan, he narrowed his choice down to the 5.3K or 7.2K, with the larger model winning out for it's greater lifting capacity.

"A big thanks to all the team at Compact Loaders UK for a smooth, easy buying process, we'd highly recommend!"

For more information on our range of Mini Loaders, please call us on 0800 233 5490 or email