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Cotswold Maintenance

Proprietor - Gloucestershire

"A great machine and a great team! Thank you for all your support"

About the customer

Charlie owns Cotswold Maintenance, a 'do-it-all' contractor for every type of customer with land throughout the Cotswolds.
From paddock mowing to tree surgery, fencing erection to landscaping, mucking out stables to building walls. Charlie and his MultiOne can do it all.
Charlie also provides operated Compact Loader Hire Services for customers who just need some support or want to get materials moved.

Mini loader

About the customer

Using the loader

"I was hiring a similar machine from a well known alternative brand for a long time, but looked into the MultiOne when it came time to invest in my own Mini Loader. The spec of the 6.3+K jumped out at me, especially how compact it was and the turning circle is class leading." says Charlie.

The 6.3+K model is especially short, with a very compact rear chassis and engine unit. This makes it a favourite amongst Arborists, Landscapers and Builders who find it a big bonus when manoeuvring in tight spaces. The High Torque Kubota D1305 engine operates in it's torque band even at full rpm, which provides superb grunt to the hi-flow auxiliary hydraulics with 50 l/min on tap.

Working together

"I work hard and I expect my Mini Loader to do the same, I know I am demanding and the team at MultiOne UK have been fantastic at supporting this. They're always there, ready to back me up." says Charlie.

"I've had a few minor issues, but that's to be expected when I work my machine so hard. But the back-up has been outstanding and I have no complaints. I'd like to add a second machine at some stage and it's a no-brainer to choose blue again when the time comes"

Key people

For more information on our range of Mini Loaders, please call us on 0800 233 5490 or email