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Managing Director - London

"We have reduced our tractor use…and use the MultiOne as our go to machine."

About the customer

Running a 500-acre farm, I found that I was limited by what a tractor could do. I wanted to keep my footprint down both in the yard, fields and woods so heavy front loaders were too big for my needs. I narrowed my search down to the MultiOne, finding that it is the most versatile of the twin-arm mini loaders in its market.

I bought an 8.4S and then a 10.9. I started with one attachment and now have 18 different attachments, some that have more than one use.

Mini loader

About the customer

Using the loader

What I didn’t expect was how much use I would get out of these machines. We have reduced our tractor us to on-field work or road work and use the MultiOne as our go to machine.

The uses I have for it stretch across the year, building and construction (cement mixer & digger attachments), woodland work (tree felling jaw & brush-grab attachments), fencing (post knocker & fence strainer attachments), hedging (sickle cutter attachment), estate maintenance (mower and roller attachments), yard work (power brush and scraper attachments).

Working together

I joke about the MultiOne being my “Cyborg”, but it is compact, light, nimble and lifts over a tonne to 2 metres plus. In short, it is light-footed, incredibly manoeuvrable, fuel efficient and strong.

You just have to get your head around the cab moving over the back wheels and its diminutive size which is, in essence, the key to this fantastic little machine.

Key people

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