AttachmentsDebris and leaf blower

Debris and leaf blower

Superior productivity and greater efficiency in jobs ranging from cleaning footpaths, streets, car parking and other maintained paved areas.

  • 360 degree 12V nozzle rotation from operators position
  • Nozzle options for specific applications
  • Heavy-duty frame construction
Debris and leaf blower


The debris and leaf blower provides great air volume flow and the capability to rotate the nozzle 360 degrees from the operator’s seat.

This blower delivers superior productivity and greater efficiency in jobs ranging from cleaning sidewalks, streets, car parking and other maintained paved areas, to blowing grass clippings, leaves, snow, sand or other debris off fairways or greens. Short rectangular nozzle is standard and several nozzles are also available as option.

Technical information


2 Series

The Light and Powerful Mini Loader, with an impressive Lift to Weight ratio.

4 Series

The smallest Telescopic Mini Loader from MultiOne. Simple, powerful and cost effective.

5 Series

With High Torque engines, hi-flow auxiliary hydraulics and multi-function joystick available, the 5 Series makes a compact, light and cost effective Attachments power-house of a Mini Loader.

6 Series

The smallest model in the heavy duty MultiOne Mini Loader range featuring the super strong Double H pattern telescopic boom, with self levelling.

7 Series

One of the BEST SELLING models due to having Bigger Lifting Capacity than the 6 Series, with a minimal spec and similar price point. The cost effective choice for Lifting & Shifting with occasional Attachments driving.

8 Series

The 8 Series takes you into a new world of power, with a choice of high torque engines up-to 57hp Turbo. Effortless performance with Hi-Flow Auxiliary hydraulics and double/high drive speed.

11 Series

The Best In Class Compact Loader for lifting capacity and height! Low gross weight enables transport by 3.5T Plant Trailer.

EZ Series

Emission Zero - The Fully Electric MultiOne with a choice of Lithium-ion or Lead Acid battery and optional rapid charging capability.

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